Monday, January 24, 2011


I sent a text message to my sister this evening after church, which said, simply, "I just thought I'd let you know I got saved tonight. :) "  She called me back, and in total confusion, said, "WHAT??!"

You see, she and I have gotten really close this month, since I recommitted my life to God.  It's really nice to have someone who is such a devout follower of Christ to lead me, and help me to understand; we have had LOTS of spiritual conversations over the last 3 weeks.  What we never really discussed, though, is whether or not I was saved...she just assumed that I had been.

And she was partially right.  Over the pasts 30+ years, I have attended church on and off, and at a variety of denominations: Christian, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Free Methodist, Catholic, Pentacostal, and non-denominational.  At most, if not all of these churches, I have gotten to the point when they ask if you want to give your life to God, I have pretty much said, "OK! Sure! Where do I sign up?"  But I never REALLY knew what the full meaning was, and I never, until tonight, understood why Jesus had to give his life so that I could be saved.

Although I have felt led to come forward every time I go to church, I didn't want to make the same mistake as in the past.  Because I didn't fully know the meaning of "getting saved", I wasn't really sure that I was, so I wanted to wait until I was ready to go "all in" before I jumped. I didn't want to accept Jesus as my saviour until I knew all about everything, and I haven't gotten that far yet, was the way I was looking at it lol. But tonight, when Pastor said, "If there is anyone who wants to give their life to God, and to understand what it means to be saved," that was my cue!  I couldn't have stayed in my seat if I had wanted to!  The Holy Spirit grabbed ahold of me, and I felt him run through me, and I just knew it was time. 

I felt led, during the service tonight, to start this blog; I sincerely hope that I can live up to what He has called me to do.

"Lord, please speak to me, and guide me, so that I may glorify you in all that I do.  In the name of your son, Jesus Christ, Amen."