Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm so Grateful!

I am just feeling so grateful for EVERYTHING!  God is so good, and he has blessed me more than I ever thought I deserved. 

I am so blessed to have the gift of my husband, and the awesome children we have.  I think a lot more about the 'haves' than the 'have nots' lately.  I haven't been feeling sorry for myself in not being able to find a job, or dwelling on all the things that used to really get me down.  Those things just don't seem to bother me now; I am just feeling so grateful to have a husband and children who love me.  I may get frustrated with my (extended) family, but only briefly, because I realize that I am blessed by having family at all, and they are healthy, and we all love each other. 

Also, I am grateful for the experiences, both good and bad, that I have had in my life, because without them, I wouldn't be who I am today.  It is hard, though, because right now, I am watching my son endure his first heartbreak, which dredges up horrible feelings of guilt for me, because it's like watching him feel the same pain that I have inflicted on his dad in the past.  I know the Lord has forgiven me, but I still have a hard time letting go of my guilt.  I am just praying for God to take ahold of my son's heart and comfort him.

"Lord, thank you for all of my blessings.  Please Lord, watch over my friends and family, and especially Adam, and keep them all healthy, happy, and safe.  Lord, I pray for you to lead me and guide me, and that you will work through me to do your will.  I love you, and I praise you.  Amen."