Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Trouble Sleeping

Oh, I just hate when I can't sleep well.  The last several nights, actually, I haven't slept well, but today I woke up at 6am (NOT normal for me!) and couldn't get back to sleep.  Kind of a bummer, since I NEVER make it to bed before midnight.  Maybe I will get back into the mode I was in back in August and September after my incident, when I ran on 3 or 4 hours of sleep and was happy as a lark and productive as a honey bee..that would be AWESOME! lol.

I don't know if this business deal has anything to do with my inability to sleep or has been such an emotional roller coaster (this happens to me a lot?) for me.  Last night I was doing some more research, and as much as I tried to uncover any negative information or scam alerts, I just couldn't.  I'm going to contact an attorney and some other owners this week and continue doing Internet research, though, and just make sure I get all of my bases covered before I invest.  I'm hoping and praying that God will give me guidance, and that His will will be done on this.  I have faith that He will make it clear to me what I am to do about this whole thing in His time.

Also, I am praying for my cousin and his wife, as they are expecting their first baby to be born tomorrow.  Please include them in your prayers, and pray that God will give them a beautiful, healthy baby girl, and that Mama will have a relatively easy time of it.

"Dear Lord, please guide me today, and reveal your plan for me today.  Help me to put you above all else, and to live according to your will.  Thank you, Lord, for all the people you have put in my life, and thank you for the love we share and the life we live.  Lord, please watch over Troy, Linnea, and baby Raelynn, as well as all the rest of my family, friends, and loved ones; you know their needs today, and I ask that you keep them all healthy, happy, and safe.  Lord, I love you and I praise you. In Jesus' name, Amen."

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