Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh, Boy, Where to Start...??

Well, the funny thing is...I didn't really plan to do this tonight, but, and I can honestly say that as I'm writing this, I don't know what triggered it, lol.  Talk about a 'God thing'!  But, back on track, I started to say, funny thing is...when I logged on (after a month, apparently? wow! Sorry, Guys)  I saw that I am at EXACTLY the same place I was almost a month to the day ago.  I am once again having trouble sleeping, and I'm really frustrated about it, and I've researched it online, and I have done almost everything suggested, and I JUST CAN'T SLEEP!! Ugghhh!!!

And I'm having some odd feelings about my business venture, too.  I hit a snag, thought it was dead in the water, then everything came together and I was sure it was meant to be, but for some reason I'm hesitating.  I do know for certain, though, that there is no rush, it will still be there when I know I'm sure.  I thought God had given me the go-ahead, but I don't trust my hesitation. 

Apparently, something is eating at me, because I took one little thought in my head and started to share it with my husband, and after a sentence or two, I found myself red in the face and yelling and all fired up!  Not yelling AT him, but TO him, really, but still...Basically I was feeling sorry for myself, and judging others, and comparing the two in the form of, "well how is it that they get all this, but didn't earn it, and I DID earn stuff, but basically get nothing!"  sort of thing.  Never a good place to be.

Anyway, I am here now, and glad to be...And I'll try to stay regular again...ummm...that didn't sound right :-[  What I MEAN is, I'll try to post regularly on this

"God, thank you for this day, and for all the people, places, and things that you have put in my life for reasons that only you know.  Thank you, Lord, for taking so much burden off my shoulders, and for my faith in knowing that you will handle all things, and in knowing that, I can let go, and stop getting in  your way.  I love you and I praise you, Lord.  In Jesus' name, Amen."

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