Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's Not About Me

I hadn’t planned to post tonight, but as I was praying, I felt like I needed to.  I keep talking about me; how I have changed, and the changes in me …all about me.  I did immediately confirm that my children were both saved,  but tonight as I was praying, it occurred to me that I hadn’t asked my husband.  I talk to him a lot about thoughts and feelings I have, and I talk to him and share with him what I am reading in the Bible, but pretty much it’s a one-sided conversation.  (This is nothing unusual…lol)  And we used to attend church, and he does do his daily devotionals and looks up whatever verse it suggests.  But I never asked him if he was saved. 
This is when I realized that it’s not just about me…I am concerned for him and his salvation, and I HAVE to ask him, and do my part to make sure he is saved.  In my mind, I visualize God’s heart breaking, wanting so desperately to save each and every one of his children, much like a mother trying to save all of her children from some natural disaster…reaching, grasping, trying to hang on…
But God gave his children free will, and we have to choose him…I’m so glad I did!  I will do my best to allow God to work through me to do His will.
“God, thank you so much for your love and your grace.  Thank you for opening my eyes and for helping me to understand your word, and I ask you, Lord, to guide me and use me, and show me how to best serve you and worship you.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

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